1X2 Margin 5

    Bet type is only used in basketball, in which you have to predict if the selected team will win the match with at least 6 points difference. In case you want to predict that neither team win by more than 5 points difference, the selection will XH5 bet.

    Double (Doubled in order)

    The combination is a bet in which you must predict the first two winning selections. In a race horse for example, the combination is represented by prediction on the first and second horse arrival, without specifying the order. In the case of coupled in order instead, as well as to predict the two horses in the first two positions, you have to specify the exact order.

    Coupled in order Roundtrip

    This type of bet includes a dual prediction of a pairing in order. And 'the equivalent of a pairing simple, but in fact comprises two separate bets with allowances for a pairing in order.


    Are told Allibraggio or "blackboard ", the percentage that, taking into account all the possible outcomes of a bet, indicating the risk to which it exposes the bookmaker. A chalkboard allibraggio value 100% indicates no profit from the bookmaker, and profit increases in direct proportion to the increase of the percentage (a very high percentage of allibraggio is unfavourable to those who bet, while a low percentage of allibraggio and very close to the value of 100% is otherwise very favourable for those who bet and very risky for the bookmaker.


    An ante-post betting is a prediction that regards future sporting events, usually preceding the day of the selected event. The shares tend to increase in direct proportion to the risk.

    Arbitrage (cover or Sure bet)

    A variation of the units available that allows a punter to predict all the different possible outcomes guaranteeing a win anyway.


    Represents the fund available for betting in an account.


    The Betcode is a quick way to place bets in a coupon via WEB License: To use it, enter the ID of the event, followed by the code for the type of prediction selected.


    The bonus is an amount of money that the bookmaker offers the bettor usually in the case of multiple bets and that, along with the mathematical calculation of individual quotas for the amount wagered, plots the amount of the potential payout. Betting with a large number of bets get a bonus percentage greater.


    And 'the calculation of the amounts accepted by a Bookmaker on all outcomes of a particular event, and goes on to establish the amount necessary to establish a profit.

    Calculation of Potential Win

    the calculation of the potential payout is obtained based on the portion of the bet in question. The displayed digit of a decimal portion (for example 4:50) represents the product that would be obtained as a win in the event that the bet was precisely winning. For example: you bet € 10 on the victory of a team listed at 4.50, you get a payout of € 45 (€ 10 x 4:50) if the prediction proves successful. The net profit will be 35 €, because the decimal display of the shares, the amount wagered € 10 are part of the total (€ 10 betting they get just 45, with a net profit of € 35).

    Changing the pitcher (Pitcher's Change)

    There is talk of "Changing the pitcher" in a baseball game when the pitcher designated meeting for any reason is not able to start the game, and should be replaced shortly before the start. Since the role of the pitcher in baseball is fundamental, change the pitcher has a significant impact on the share exchange offers for the meeting.

    Class / No Class

    Class / No Class is a type of bet typical of Formula 1. The selection "Class" indicates that the pilot will be included as classified in the official report of the race of the FIA (normally the pilot selected to be considered "classified" must travel at least 90% of the laps of the winner), while selecting "no Class" indicates that the selected driver will not be included in the report classified as official end of the race of the FIA.


    After you have registered you can access your account by entering your credentials (user ID and password). You can pay money, place bets, withdraw your winnings and transfer your funds to other gaming entertainment (poker, games & casino, live dealer, etc.).

    Coupon (or bet slip)

    The coupon is the tab that contains all the selections chosen by the gambler going to be part of a be

    Unlike points or point spread (See also Handicap)

    The difference in points, often called the "spread" is betting handicap, the advantage that the favoured team gives the underdog.

    DNB (Draw No Bet)

    The Draw No Bet is a bet type is mainly used in football, where you can not bet on the draw: the only two proposed quotas are the victory of the home team, or winning the away team and, in the case where l 'match ends in a draw, the bet will be void (will then be refunded the entire amount bet).


    A double is a multiple bet containing a total of 2 bets on 2 different events. In order for the bet proves successful, both must be successful.

    Double Chance (DC)

    The double chance is nothing but the grouping of the three outcomes predictable 1, X 2 and in 3 different groups of results, each of which contains two outcomes: 1X, 12 and X2. With a single prediction is then possible to bet on two different outcomes, increasing the chances of victory.

    Favourite on par (Joint Favourites)

    When two outcomes are divided state of favourites. For example, Chelsea and Manchester United are both favoured at par to win the Premiership.


    Three or more participants in an event that the lower altitudes, are usually called "favourites". The endorsement is precisely to show that the chances for victory in the competition selected by one of the favourites, is more likely to win than the other.

    Fixed (Banker)

    In a betting system, a fixed is the prediction that the bettor believes the most likely; For example, "Chelsea - Wycombe Wanderers 1 is fixed. So the whole bet is winning, obviously the fixed must be guessed.

    Gol – No Gol (GG – NG)

    Goals - No Goals is the type of bet with which it is possible to predict if both teams protagonists of a match will Hit: Gol (or GG) indicates that both teams score at least one goal each, while No Goals (or NG) indicates that at least one of the teams will not score in the encounter networks. In an even more simple, if "0" is absent from the boxes of the result at the end of the game, the outcome is "Goals", while if one or both of the boxes of this result is "0", the result is "No Goal".


    The handicap is a type of bet created to "balance" an event whose values are in the field on paper very unbalanced. The outcome of a handicap bet is obtained by adding or subtracting the handicap to the final result, according to the sign the same handicap and the team to which it is reported. Disability can be "three outcomes" (often in football), and have as spread (ie reference number to add / subtract) a number WHOLE, or "two outcomes" (typical example is its basketball), and have how to spread a number NOT FULL (eg -2.5) for example betting on victory Montepaschi Siena (-10.5) on Lottomatica Roma, so the bet is winning the Montepaschi Siena must beat Lottomatica Roma with 11 points or more. Consequently, the selection on Lottomatica Roma, would of course also successful in case of defeat up to 10 points.


    Hot Win is an application that gives you the ability to rely on luck, simply by selecting the amount you want to wager and the payout that you want to achieve. The system instantly compiles a personalized coupon based on the amounts you entered.

    HT/FT (Halftime/Fulltime)

    HT / FT indicates a type of bet in which you have to predict the outcome of a football match is the end of the first half (HT) that at the end of the meeting (FT). For bets to winning both the forecasts made have to be corrected.

    Amount bet (Stake)

    This is the set of money placed on a bet.

    Cash Out

    Represents the total amount that you get for a winning bet (including your stake).


    It defines "House" the operator of gambling, often referred to as the casino.


    Handicaps are indicated as such, and their odds.

    Live betting

    The Livebetting is a system that provides the Bookmaker that allows the bettor to place bets on events that are going on, how to bet on a football game already begun. In this case, you can bet on "next goal" (the team that will achieve the next goal), "next corner" (the team that will build the next corner), plus many other types of betting.

    Margin of victory

    This is a bet in which you have to predict the exact margin of victory of a participant of another or others.

    Market Movers

    Market Movers is a statistic that shows the trend of the odds offered by bookmakers according to bets placed by the client on a particular event.


    Literally means Odd / Even. In a football match, basketball, volleyball, etc., is to indicate whether the total goals or points scored by the two teams in the field is just odd (Odd) or even (Even).


    Outsider is considered a participant in a competition that has a chance of winning virtually nil. And 'the exact opposite of the favourite, and is always accompanied by a very high altitude.

    Over / Under

    Over / Under is a type of bet in which you have to determine if the number of goals or points scored by the teams participating in the meeting is greater (over) or lower (under) than the number given as reference by the Bookmaker.


    Ante-post betting, or any other type of bet that includes a list of participants (F1 race, Motorcycling, Cycling, etc.), the type "podium" indicates the podium (top three positions, unless be explained otherwise) of the selected participant. Normally you can wager up to three selections "podium" for the same event.

    First Goal Scorer

    Object of the bet is to predict the player who will score the first goal of a match.


    Is the equivalent of "gamble", and is the opposite of "layed", indicating precisely the ability to accept bets made by others.

    Odd "on par"

    We use the term to share "equal" when the winning of a prediction is exactly the same amount wagered (a share in the 2:00 decimal display, or 1/1 in fractional display). Betting on a € 10 fee "equal", you get a payout of € 20, with € 10 net profit (in fact equal to the amount wagered).


    The share is the numerical value offered by bookmakers on a particular outcome, and is used to determine the payout if the bet placed on outcome proves successful. The units normally undergo changes, going up or down according to the liking of bettors.

    Odds contrary

    There is talk of "shares contrary" when the net amount of the potential payout is greater than the amount wagered. A larger share of 2.00 is therefore a share contrary.

    favourable odds

    There is talk of "favourable odds" when the net amount of the potential payout is less than the amount wagered. A smaller share of 2.00 is therefore a share favourable.

    The shareholder

    Who is responsible for determining the odds of an event combining search tools and sports knowledge?

    Exact result

    Object of the bet is precisely predict the final outcome of the meeting, specifying the number of goals scored by each of the teams. In a football match, for example, the exact result can be 1-0 (the first team scores a goal and the second none), 3-1 (the first three goals scored and the second one), etc.

    No Bet (Bet Void)

    A bet is a bet that nothing certain motive was declared invalid. The amount wagered is refunded within the account without any loss.

    Betting combo systems

    This type of betting is obtained in the systems betting a certain number of outcomes that must necessarily be successful to produce a minimum payout, as part of a greater number of selections. For example, selecting a total of five selections, you can choose to win even if only two predictions prove successful, and is referred to as "ambi of 5 selections."

    Multiple bets

    A multiple bet is the set of individual predictions of several events whose proceeds are multiplied by each selection, to increase the payout exponentially. All the odds of a multiple bet must be accurate so that the multiple bet itself proves successful. For example, a triple with € 10 bet on Liverpool winning against Arsenal at 2:25; Bogdanovic winning against Nadal to 8.50; Celtics against Lakers winning in 3:50; would lead to a payout of € 669.37! The calculation is as follows: € 10 x 2:25 x 8:50 x 3.50.

    Betting ready (Ready Made Bets))

    Through all website you can rely on bets ready. There are all kinds, from betting "safe" (Banker) to those popular (Favourite) to those at high risk (Thriller).

    Special Bets

    The special bets are related to particular events inside the meeting. Typical examples of special bets are "1st Corner" or "1st Goal" in a football match.


    The bettor is one who regularly bet.


    The underdog term refers to the participant with the highest share, or a bet to handicap the team or participant who gets the benefit of the spread.


    The single is the simplest type of bet. It 'just a single prediction on a single outcome, for example, that the Barcelona beat Real Madrid in the single match.

    Integral system

    An integral system is a bet in which there are at least two selections for the same event. The number of combinations of the integral system is the product of the number of selections of individual events, and for the system to be successful it is necessary that at least one of the combinations created by the development of the system is winning. For example, the following bet: Real Madrid - Barcelona Mark 1 Mark X Sign Over Inter - Juventus sign 1 sign X Chelsea - Arsenal sign X Bayern Monaco - Borussia Dortmund Sign Over 1 sign is made up of 12 combinations: (3 comb. Real Madrid - Barcelona x 2 comb. Inter - Juventus x 1 comb. Chelsea - Arsenal 2 x comb. Bayern Monaco - Borussia Dortmund) = 3 x 2 x 1 x 2 = 12

    Spread Betting

    A bet based on Spread Betting is a winner or loser based on the prediction normally performed, but the difference with bets "normal" is that the winnings (or losses) may vary and are calculated in proportion to how much the prediction approaches or runs on the final outcome. Winnings and risks, in this type of bet, are much higher.


    See Handicap.

    Starting Price (SP)

    The Starting Price (SP) is the share of a participant in the race at the start of the race.

    Sure Thing

    We use the term "Sure Thing" when you place a bet of which is deemed almost certain victory.

    Head to head

    Predict the outcome of a heads means establishing the team or participant in an event that will be designated on the opponent the winner.


    A bet is a bet on the tote in which there is not a starting altitude. All amounts accepted by the Bookmaker on the event go to determine the "prize" which, divided by the number of winning bets, the payout goes to establish that it is for each bettor.


    The Triple is a multiple bet consisting of three outcomes. Each selection must be correct for bets proves successful.

    Tris o Trio

    This must predict the first, second and third prize of a certain event.

    Vincita Potenziale

    The Payout Potential is the amount you will win if all the selections of a bet will be winning. In the case of systems or betting integrals also referred Potential Win minimum and maximum, ranging to indicate the minimum and maximum obtainable according to the correct outcome of the bet itself.


    A Walk-over is a situation in which only one participant in a race or a heads up, for retreats of other members, take part in the event, automatically becoming the winner. In the case of walk-over, unless otherwise specified, all bets are cancelled.


    Ante-post betting, or any other type of bet that includes winning as one of the participants present in the list (the winner of an F1 race, Motorcycling, Cycling, etc.), the prediction that the participant will get the victory is called precisely "Winner". In some cases that involve more than one winning selection (for example in the bet "Teams that recede"), bets will in any case calls "winner".